The Consultation


My patients come from both inside the United States and abroad. A large percentage of my patients are doctors and their families.


I will be honest with you and sometimes I may tell you things you may not want to hear, such as, “Leave your nose alone”. The most common problems I see are patients who have done too many procedures over time.

The goal of any procedure I perform is to make you look natural and age appropriate, and never over-done.

Remember as you are exploring the notion of plastic surgery you are a consumer. If I advise against doing a particular procedure, I feel strongly enough about it to turn down a potential fee. I will fully explain to you the benefits, risks, recovery, and possible complications of any procedure. For me to perform surgery on someone the benefits and results must far outweigh the negatives and the risks. Despite what you may hear or read, there are no secret techniques or procedures which one plastic surgeon knows how to do. Varius facelift techniques such as deep plane, have been used for over 30 years. Results are more dependent on the surgeon performing the operation and not the specific technique. The most important difference between plastic surgeons is aesthetic judgement and experience. Aesthetic surgery can accomplish major improvements and change the appearance of the face nose and eyes. If the proportions and aesthetic lines are kept normal, the results will be natural and beautiful.

Advertising and marketing are strong forces at play on patients’ emotions. New techniques come and go, and often leave patients disappointed and with great expense. If a new procedure sounds too good to be true and can be done with minimal recovery, it usually is.