Surgery & what to expect

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Anesthesia and Recovery

Most plastic surgery procedures can be performed in an out-patient setting by a board certified anesthesiologists. I work with the same anesthesiologist every day in a private surgical center which meets the highest standards of safety required by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, (AAAASF)

Patients having facelifts are taken care of post-operatively by one of my private duty nurses for 24-48 hours. These nurses are trained in monitoring and assisting in your rapid recovery. Most patients from outside the United States remain in New York for 10-14 days.

What you can expect from some of the surgical procedures I perform

While everyone heals differently and has different tolerances for discomfort, below are some general expectations for recovery.

These surgeries are often combined with liposuction, eyelid surgery, browlifts, and skin rejuvenating lasers. Usually minimal swelling and bruising, moderate pain for several days and invisible scars. 10-14 day recovery.

No packing, minimal bruising and swelling, minimal pain. Every patient is different; therefore, I do not perform the same operation on every patient. A good result should look like the nose you were born with. 1 week recovery.

Minimal to no pain. Some swelling and bruising. Invisible scars while the shape and expression of the eyes remain the same. 1 week recovery.

Facelift surgery is often performed in combination with eyelid surgery, browlift surgery and laser skin resurfacing.