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Teenage rhinoplasty can help contour the shape of the nose and provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Rhinoplasty is one of the most requested surgical procedures for teenagers and young adults. As the focal point of the face, the nose has the greatest influence on your overall facial appearance. Whether smoothing a bump, reshaping the tip of the nose, or bringing a larger nose into balance with the rest of the face, Dr. Zimbler can help shape an attractive and natural-looking nose. Teenage rhinoplasty can be performed once the face and nose are both fully developed, usually around the age of 16 for young women and 17 for young men. If you are self-conscious about your nose, you can make an appointment with Dr. Zimbler to discuss whether you are a candidate for teenage rhinoplasty.

How do I know if teenage rhinoplasty is for me?

Teenage rhinoplasty may be right for you if you are looking to achieve a nose that is more balanced with your facial features. An ideal candidate for teenage rhinoplasty is a young man or woman who has a fully developed and matured nose, realistic expectations of what rhinoplasty can achieve, and is in good health. If you have a nasal bump, pinched nostrils, wide nostrils, deviated septum, or drooping nostrils, teenage rhinoplasty may be right for you. Dr. Zimbler is a leading rhinoplasty surgeon in NYC and focuses on providing noses that are natural-looking and compliment your facial features.

Teenage rhinoplasty procedure:

Teen rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia by Dr. Zimbler, one of the most skilled rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC. Dr. Zimbler will place small incisions to access the structure of the nose that will be reshaped. The placements of these incisions will vary depending on if you are having an open or closed rhinoplasty procedure. Prior to your teen rhinoplasty, Dr. Zimbler will discuss with you a closed technique and open technique. A closed rhinoplasty technique is where Dr. Zimbler will place small incisions inside the nostrils so that no visible scarring will be present after teen rhinoplasty. On the other hand, an open rhinoplasty technique is where Dr. Zimbler will place a small incision under your nose. While a closed technique may seem like the obvious choice, there are many benefits for an open technique, as well. Dr. Zimbler can discuss with you these two techniques and all of the benefits of each in-depth prior to your teenage rhinoplasty.

Through a teen nose job, nasal cartilage and tissue can be removed or shaped for a more desirable profile and appearance. At this stage in your teenage nose job, Dr. Zimbler can either rearrange, remove, or reshape nasal tissue depending on your personal goals with teenage rhinoplasty. After Dr. Zimbler has performed your teenage rhinoplasty, he will suture the incisions closed and properly bandage your nose in a splint. Your nose will also be gently packed with nasal packing for your nose to heal properly and successfully.

Closed Rhinoplasty Open Rhinoplasty
Incisions are placed within the nose 1 small incision is placed at the base of the nose
No visible scarring Potential for minimal scarring along the columella
Indirect visualization of cartilage during surgery Direct visualization of cartilage during surgery
Provides less maneuverability Allows for increased efficiency and mobility

Teenage rhinoplasty recovery time:

Young adults should be well-informed and have realistic goals and expectations before considering teenage rhinoplasty. Dr. Zimbler will meet with you to discuss the surgery and answer any questions that you may have. Our advanced rhinoplasty computer imaging will even help you to see a realistic image of what your nose will look like after teenage rhinoplasty surgery. While Dr. Zimbler will go over the details about your specific surgery with you, you can expect that the nose will be splinted for 1 week and ice packs will be used for the first few days after your rhinoplasty procedure to help minimize swelling.

Most patients experience only mild discomfort, which is easily managed with pain medication. While bruising and swelling under the eyes usually resolves within the first week and nasal swelling decreases rapidly during the first few weeks, it’s important to realize that the final shape of the nose may not be seen for several months. Most patients are usually up and about within the first few days after a rhinoplasty procedure, and light exercise can be resumed after 2 weeks. For more details about what to expect during and after rhinoplasty surgery, please visit our rhinoplasty page. 

Teenage rhinoplasty questions:

  1. At what age can teenage rhinoplasty be performed?

    It is important to only receive teenage rhinoplasty once your nose is completely developed and has finished maturing. Every young man and woman is different, and all noses will finish maturing at a different rate. A young woman’s nose often finishes maturing earlier than that of a young man’s nose. Most young women have a fully developed nose around the age of 15-16, while young men have a fully matured nose around 17-18. Dr. Zimbler will not perform teenage rhinoplasty on a young adult whose nose has not fully matured.
  2. Can I see what my potential results may look like?

    Yes, we use the most advanced computer imaging currently available. During your teenage nose job consultation, Dr. Zimbler is able to show you a realistic computer rendering of what your nose may look like after a teen nose job surgery. Dr. Zimbler can also discuss the steps of your teenage rhinoplasty and how he plans to achieve your particular goals with teen plastic surgery.
  3. Will my teenage rhinoplasty results look natural?

    Dr. Zimbler strives for only natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing rhinoplasty results. Removing too much nasal cartilage during a teen nose job can result in an overdone or hollowed-out look. Dr. Zimbler avoids these results by always enhancing your natural beauty and never completely changing it. Dr. Zimbler addresses teen rhinoplasty with the goal of creating a more beautiful, natural-looking nose and never creates an overdone look.
  4. What can teenage rhinoplasty improve?

    A teen nose job can help improve many aspects of a nose both cosmetically and medically. Teenage rhinoplasty can help reduce nasal bumps, irregularities, wide nostrils, asymmetries, and more. A teenage nose job can also be combined with another medical procedure such as septoplasty to improve any breathing difficulties associated with a deviated septum. Dr. Zimbler can remove or rearrange your nasal cartilage to provide you with a beautiful and natural-looking nose that compliments your facial features.
  5. How do I know if I am ready for teenage rhinoplasty?

    The first step to teenage rhinoplasty is to think. It is incredibly important that you do not make a rushed decision and choose a nose job before you have thought about it carefully. While a teenage nose job can provide beautiful results, we only recommend teenage rhinoplasty if you have realistic expectations and have made a fully informed decision. Teenage rhinoplasty can help improve your appearance and restore your confidence. In order to receive a teen nose job, you must fully understand all the benefits and details of teenage rhinoplasty and also have a fully matured nose.
  6. What does a teenage rhinoplasty consultation entail?

    Dr. Zimbler will start your teenage rhinoplasty consultation by fully discussing what a teen nose job entails. It is important that you have all of the information you need before making a decision. While reviewing your medical history and medical health, Dr. Zimbler will also discuss the details of your particular teen nose job. With computer imaging, Dr. Zimbler can show you a realistic rendering what your nose may look like after teenage rhinoplasty. During your teen nose job consultation, Dr. Zimbler will also discuss with you an open rhinoplasty technique and a closed rhinoplasty technique. Both techniques provide natural-looking results and have their own benefits. If you choose to have a teenage nose job, Dr. Zimbler can begin to discuss with you the particular details of teenage rhinoplasty. After customizing your teenage rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Zimbler will provide you with any preoperative information you may need.

Why choose Dr. Zimbler for teenage rhinoplasty

Dr. Zimbler is one of the most skilled rhinoplasty surgeons in NYC. Double board certified in both facial plastic surgery and head & neck surgery, Dr. Zimbler has a true understanding of facial anatomy and rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Zimbler can help you achieve a facial profile and nose shape that is more harmonious with your facial features. Dr. Zimbler’s attention to detail and his care for patients make him one of the most successful rhinoplasty surgeons. With a facial plastic surgery philosophy focusing on natural-looking results that enhance your beauty rather than change it, Dr. Zimbler can help you achieve a nose that compliments your natural beauty.

How to get started with teenage rhinoplasty / nose surgery?

Marc S. Zimbler, MD and his staff will be happy to discuss teenage rhinoplasty / nose surgery with you. Please call for a private consultation or schedule an appointment online at our office.

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