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A necklift surgery involves both liposuction of the neck and tightening of the muscles under the chin called a platysmaplasty. A platysmaplasty provides a more youthful appearance by tightening the muscles and tissues that were previously lax and sagging. A necklift can help reduce the signs of aging and give you a beautiful, natural-looking appearance.

How do I know if a necklift is right for me?

Loose neck skin and wrinkles are often the first signs of aging. The jawline softens into jowls, and beneath the chin, excess skin starts to sag. If you are concerned about the bands or “turkey wattle” under your chin, then necklift surgery may be right for you. Depending on your pre-operative concerns, some patients are best suited for a lower facelift while others are better suited for a necklift.

Necklift procedure:

Necklift surgery begins with the exact placement of the incision in a natural crease under the chin. Through this incision, liposuction is performed, and the muscles of the neck are tightened to re-establish the contours of your neck. A necklift is typically performed with sedation anesthesia and takes approximately 1 hour. A necklift may be combined with other facial cosmetic procedures such as a chin implant or facelift.

A necklift is often performed as an outpatient procedure with the use of intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Along with the incision under your chin, Dr. Zimbler will make 1 small incision behind each ear to begin your necklift procedure. Your neck muscles are then tightened to reduce the signs of aging and sagging. This tightening of the neck muscles provides a more youthful-looking appearance and a more attractive profile.

Necklift recovery time:

Following necklift surgery, the majority of healing is accomplished for most patients 1 week after surgery, which is when many patients feel well enough to continue normal activities. Some patients may experience a short healing process while other patients may experience a longer healing process. The neck is sensitive, and a degree of swelling, discomfort, and bruising are to be expected. Because the incision is placed under the chin, scarring is virtually invisible. A head wrap is to be worn for the first 24 hours after surgery and is encouraged for the first post-operative week. Dr. Zimbler does not use drains after the procedure, making the recovery period shorter and much more comfortable. Sutures may be removed several days after surgery, and specifically designed camouflage makeup may be applied at 1 week.

As incisions heal, you may experience some itching or discomfort. The application of cold ice packs is recommended as this can help reduce any swelling, inflammation, or bruising. As with any facial plastic surgery procedure, the healing process is gradual, but the benefits will last for years. Showering is permitted regularly 24 hours after surgery, and light exercise can begin 2 weeks after necklift surgery.

Necklift questions:

  1. Can I combine a necklift with another procedure?

    A necklift can be combined with a facelift or other facial plastic surgery procedures. Combining a necklift with a facelift can provide all-around results and an overall more youthful appearance.
  2. Will my necklift results look natural?

    Dr. Zimbler values providing top-notch care to all of his patients. Dr. Zimbler is one of the top facial plastic surgeons in NYC and is committed to helping you reach your goals with facial plastic surgery. Dr. Zimbler prioritizes enhancing your natural beauty and not drastically altering your features. Using minimally invasive procedures and the most advanced techniques, Dr. Zimbler always provides beautiful, natural-looking results to patients seeking facial plastic surgery and rejuvenation.
  3. Is necklift surgery safe?

    When a necklift is performed by a skilled facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Zimbler, it is a safe procedure that can provide natural-looking results. While all surgeries carry some risk, Dr. Zimbler is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in NYC who prioritizes your health and safety first. Dr. Zimbler can help you safely achieve beautiful results with necklift surgery.
  4. Does a necklift help jowls?

    Yes, a necklift is an effective procedure that can help reduce the appearance of jowls. Defined as excess fat and skin under your jaws, jowls can be treated with necklift surgery. Dr. Zimbler can also target excess neck fat / skin, a double chin, or sun damaged skin with a necklift procedure.

Why choose Dr. Zimbler for necklift:

Dr. Zimbler is a board certified facial plastic surgeon and has received advanced training in both facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology – head & neck surgery at some of the most esteemed medical schools and hospitals. Dr. Zimbler has a unique understanding of the anatomy of the neck and face, which allows him to successfully provide harmonious, balanced results with a necklift. Dr. Zimbler can tailor your necklift to best meet your personal goals and desires.

How to get started with necklift?

Marc S. Zimbler, MD and his staff will be happy to discuss necklift with you. Please call for a private consultation or schedule an appointment online at our office.

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