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Face liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures currently available. Removing undesirable fat from under the chin and neck, facial liposuction can help sculpt a thinner physique. Liposuction is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, but it can eliminate fat deposits that are unresponsive to weight loss that may be the result of facial aging.

How do I know if face & neck liposuction is for me?

If you would like a more defined and sculpted neck, face & neck liposuction may be right for you. By removing excess pockets of facial fat, face & neck liposuction can help sculpt your facial features to look more smooth and defined. Face & neck liposuction may also be a procedure for you if you would like to remove excess fat or loose skin on your neck. This excess skin is often called a “neck wattle” or “turkey neck” and can give your face an older-looking appearance. Providing a more sculpted neckline, face & neck liposuction can improve your overall appearance and create a youthful-looking face.

Face & neck liposuction procedure:

Through several tiny incisions in inconspicuous spots along the face and neck, fat can be suctioned and sculpted to the desired shape. The removal of facial fat involves negative pressure through a thin tube. This thin tube, also known as a cannula, is used to sculpt pockets of fat to a more desired contour. Face and neck liposuction removes excess fat, producing a smooth, more defined neckline and profile.

Face and neck liposuction can be performed with local or general anesthesia. Depending on your medical history and particular desires, Dr. Zimbler will discuss with you what anesthesia will be used during your facial liposuction procedure. During your face and neck liposuction, Dr. Zimbler will leave a healthy layer of fat beneath your skin but remove excess fat that has caused premature aging.

Face & neck liposuction recovery time:

Face liposuction results in minimal post-operative discomfort, which is easily controlled with oral medication. A chinstrap is recommended for the first week following surgery. With facial liposuction, some bruising and swelling around the neck is to be expected. Following your face liposuction, you may experience a certain level of bruising or soreness. In the weeks following your face lipo procedure, the bruising should begin to diminish. In some cases, 1 or 2 small stitches may be required to suture your liposuction surgical site. Most patients are able to resume their normal routines 3-4 days after a face and neck liposuction procedure. Each patient is different, and some patients will experience a shorter or longer recovery time.

Face and neck liposuction questions:

  1. Can I receive another procedure along with my face and neck liposuction?

    You can choose to combine your face or neck liposuction with another facial procedure for the most pleasing results. Some patients combine face and neck liposuction with blepharoplasty, a necklift, facelift, or other facial plastic surgery procedures. Neck liposuction is often combined with a facelift or a chin implant to maximize results.
  2. Why should I get face and neck liposuction instead of a neck or facelift?

    While a facelift or necklift can provide smooth, beautiful results, they are not necessary for every patient with excess neck or facial fat. Both a necklift and facelift tighten the muscles and skin in the face and neck. If your facial or neck muscles are not weak or sagging, then you do not need a neck or facelift. Instead, face or neck liposuction can provide the results you desire with a minimally invasive procedure.
  3. Will face liposuction make me look hollowed-out or unnatural?

    Face and neck liposuction can help remove neck fat and excess facial fat. The results of facial lipo are dramatic, but Dr. Zimbler never takes a procedure too far. Facial lipo with Dr. Zimbler will provide a smooth, beautiful profile and appearance without looking overdone. Dr. Zimbler prioritizes natural-looking results so that you look and feel your best. Facial liposuction at our office does not cause extreme results in the sense of looking unnatural.

Why choose Dr. Zimbler for face & neck liposuction:

Dr. Zimbler’s plastic surgery practice focuses solely on facial plastic surgery, which gives Dr. Zimbler an extensive knowledge in face & neck liposuction. With years of experience, Dr. Zimbler has combined knowledge of facial plastic surgery and ear, nose, and throat medicine that makes him one of the most skilled, experienced plastic surgeons. Dr. Zimbler approaches each case of face & neck liposuction on an individual level to provide results that will be the most harmonious and balanced with your facial features. Dr. Zimbler can tailor face & neck liposuction to best meet the particular goals you have for this procedure.

How to get started with face & neck liposuction?

Marc S. Zimbler, MD and his staff will be happy to discuss face & neck liposuction with you. Please call for a private consultation or schedule an appointment online at our office.

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