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A simple earlobe repair may be right for you if your earlobe is torn from trauma, a piercing hole is elongated / misplaced, or the earlobes have sagged with age. Over time, earrings can elongate a piercing and make it difficult for you to wear jewelry. Sometimes, earrings can even rip the piercing completely through, resulting in a split earlobe or torn earlobe. After years of wearing heavy earrings, the earlobes can become stretched or elongated.

A simple earlobe repair procedure can help restructure the shape of the ear and provide natural-looking results. Torn earlobe repairs are done in-office by our facial plastic surgeon. In some cases, the entire earlobe can be re-shaped or shortened. Ear reshaping is more involved than a simple torn earlobe repair; however, even ear reshaping can be done in-office with just local anesthesia.

Is earlobe repair right for me?

Earlobe repair may be right for you if you are looking to fix an earlobe that has been stretched or torn as a result of trauma, gauged ears, or an accident. Torn earlobes are a result of heavy earrings that continually pull down on the earlobe. If these earrings are caught on clothing or pulled, you can stretch out your earlobe. If the tear continues, your earlobe can even split. Earlobe repair removes the damaged skin from a trauma or accident and restores the appearance of your earlobe.

Earlobe repair procedure:

During earlobe repair, Dr. Zimbler will carefully trim the edges of the tear along the earlobe. After removing any extra or damaged skin or tissue, stitches will be applied to the earlobe. Dr. Zimbler will administer stitches in a way that prevents any irregularities forming while your earlobes heal and to minimize any potential scarring. The exact method of earlobe repair and applying stitches depends on your particular case, the severity of tearing, and how much tissue was damaged or lost. In some cases, small flaps on the earlobe are used when cosmetically redesigning the entire earlobe.

Earlobe repair recovery time:

Following earlobe repair, stitches are typically removed around 1 week, and the earlobe can be re-pierced once the area has fully healed, which is roughly 1-2 months. When piercing your ears again, you should not get the same spot pierced, as the scar tissue may cause complications. Instead, you should pierce your ear in a slightly different area to avoid any complications. If you pierce the same area of the earlobe that has undergone earlobe reconstruction, you face a higher risk of suffering from another torn or split earlobe. Dr. Zimbler re-pierces all earlobe repairs himself at no extra charge, guaranteeing the placement of the new piercing is exact and symmetric with the opposite side.

Mild ear discomfort is to be expected after your earlobe surgery, but this can be controlled through oral medication prescribed by Dr. Zimbler. Following your split earlobe repair, you will have to apply a topical antibiotic on your incisions so that no infection forms. Showering is permitted 24 hours after surgery, but it is important not to subject your ears to excessively hot or cold water, as this can irritate your surgical site.

earlobe repair questions:

  1. What if I tear my earlobe again after earlobe repair?

    Ear surgery results are long-lasting, but it is possible that you may suffer from a torn earlobe again. It is more common for you to experience a torn ear lobe again if you pierce your ears along the scarring from your previous ear repair surgery or if you gauge your ears again after earlobe repair. Dr. Zimbler can perform another torn earlobe repair to help restore the shape and appearance of your ear.
  2. I am afraid my ears will look overdone. Are results natural?

    Dr. Zimbler uses the most up-to-date, advanced technologies in his facial plastic surgery office. Earlobe reconstruction provides the most desirable results with minimal scarring. Dr. Zimbler focuses on providing you with the most aesthetically pleasing results. Prioritizing natural-looking results, Dr. Zimbler strives to enhance your features and not drastically alter them.
  3. Can ear reconstruction help ears that are gauged?

    Yes, if you have gauged ears or have worn gauged earrings, you may benefit from gauged ear surgery with Dr. Zimbler. With earlobe reconstruction, Dr. Zimbler can remove extra skin that has formed as a result of wearing ear gauges. Once removing excess tissue, Dr. Zimbler can complete your ear surgery by applying stitches to the surgical site. Earlobe repair will leave you with natural-looking, beautiful results.
  4. What happens during an earlobe repair consultation?

    During your earlobe repair consultation, Dr. Zimbler will examine your earlobes to assess the severity of a trauma. After your earlobe examination, Dr. Zimbler will select which earlobe repair method would be best suited for your particular needs. Methods for earlobe repair surgery depend on the type of malformation or trauma you wish to treat.
  5. What is earlobe repair recovery like?

    The majority of patients can continue regular activity almost immediately after earlobe repair surgery. Depending upon your rate of healing, you may be able to return to work and your normal activity the day after earlobe surgery. Some patients may need a few days of rest before returning to daily activity after torn earlobe repair surgery. It is important to monitor your incisions and to keep them clean during your ear surgery recovery period.

Why choose Dr. Zimbler for earlobe repair:

Dr. Zimbler is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon with extensive training in earlobe repair. Trained in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology – head & neck surgery, Dr. Zimbler has in-depth training and knowledge of earlobe repair and can help provide natural-looking results. Dr. Zimbler has been named a Super Doctor by The New York Times Magazine and a Top Doctor by New York Magazine for his skill in facial plastic surgery. Detail-oriented and dedicated to his patients, Dr. Zimbler can help treat a stretched or torn earlobe with earlobe repair.

How to get started with torn earlobe repair?

Dr. Marc Zimbler and his staff will be happy to discuss earlobe repair with you. Please call for a private consultation or schedule an appointment online at our office.

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