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Chin implants can help change the basic structure of the face to give a stronger and more defined look. An under-projected chin can create the illusion that the nose is too large or that the neck is poorly defined. Chin augmentation is often performed in conjunction with other facial procedures to improve facial harmony. Chin augmentation surgery traditionally involved a large incision inside the mouth, which could lead to a higher implant infection rate and implant malposition. Today, however, facial plastic surgeons can perform chin augmentation surgery through a small incision under the chin, which heals with an almost imperceptible scar. This innovative method diminishes scarring and dramatically speeds the recuperation process, while providing beautiful results.

How do I know if chin implants are right for me?

If you have a weak or under-projected chin, it can give the illusion of facial disharmony. A weak chin can make an already prominent nose appear even larger. In many cases, a chin that does not fit your facial profile can even make the neck look older. Chin implants can create a dynamic, defined look and help improve your overall appearance. In some cases, overly prominent noses can be corrected with chin implants by restoring a balance of the chin and nasal profile to align in a way that accentuates your individual features.

Chin implants procedure:

Chin augmentation begins with the exact placement of the incision in a natural crease under the chin. Through this small incision, the chin implant surgery is performed. Different sized implants are available and are made from various materials. Through careful pre-operative discussion, an implant size is chosen to meet the patient’s desired goals. Neck liposuction is often performed with a chin implant to further enhance surgical results.

Chin implants recovery time:

Recovery time following chin augmentation is different for each patient, but most patients experience a reduction in any discomfort or swelling within a week. Many patients even feel well enough to return to regular activity in just a few days following a chin implant procedure. The chin is particularly sensitive to bruising, so slight swelling is to be expected. Because incisions are placed under the chin, scars are barely visible. A dressing should be undisturbed for the first 48 hours after chin implant surgery. Sutures are removed several days after your chin implant surgery. Makeup can begin to be applied 1 week after your chin implant procedure. As incisions heal, you may experience some numbness or itching at the site. Slight pain and general discomfort are possible but can easily be reduced with a prescribed oral medication. The application of cold ice packs is recommended after surgery. Cold compresses should be applied for the first few days to minimize potential bruising and swelling. Showering is permitted 24 hours after your chin implant augmentation, but we recommend not using excessively hot water, as this may irritate the surgical site. You may continue a fitness regimen 1 week after surgery and light walking just a few days after surgery.

Chin implants questions:

  1. If I don’t like my chin implant, can it be removed?

    Chin implants can typically be removed or changed when requested. The goal of surgery, however, is to achieve quality results that patients are happy with for the long-term. Dr. Zimbler uses chin implants that are made of materials that can be easily removed with minimal surgery, but this is highly unlikely as Dr. Zimbler is an exceptionally skilled facial plastic surgeon who uses the most advanced techniques when placing chin implants. Dr. Zimbler works with you to create realistic goals and provides the highest quality patient care.
  2. Do chin implants ever get infected? If so, what should I do?

    Implants are made to last a lifetime and, in most cases, never require further surgery. Occasionally, an implant can shift or become infected. However, this typically happens only after some form of trauma or a serious dental infection. Most local infections can be treated with antibiotics without the need for implant removal. Dr. Zimbler works skillfully to avoid and reduce any risk of infection.
  3. Can chin implants move?

    Chin implants rarely move, especially when placed by a skilled facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Zimbler. While you are healing from chin augmentation, it is possible that chin implants may move or shift, but once your chin has fully healed from chin implant surgery, the implant is secure. Chin implants are secure because they have tapered tails that naturally blend into your jaw bone. The tails of your chin implant are firmly fastened so that they are unable to shift or move after your chin has properly healed.
  4. Are chin implants permanent?

    Yes, chin implants are a solid implant that do not need to be replaced after chin augmentation surgery. In most cases, chin implants can be removed if requested, but further chin implant surgery is rarely needed after your initial chin implant procedure. The majority of patients undergo 1 chin augmentation with 1 chin implant and never require further surgery.
  5. Do chin implants come in different shapes?

    Chin implants come in many shapes, so Dr. Zimbler can select a chin implant shaped in a way that will compliment your natural facial features. Some implants are smaller and only accentuate certain areas of your chin to provide natural-looking results. Other chin implants are larger to provide an improved appearance throughout your jawline.

Why choose Dr. Zimbler for chin implants:

Dr. Zimbler has extensive training in placing chin implants for natural-looking results. A double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Zimbler has gained a thorough understanding of facial anatomy through his extensive training at some of the most renowned medical schools and hospitals. Choosing the correct facial plastic surgeon for your chin implant procedure is an extremely important step. Dr. Zimbler is one of the most sought-after facial plastic surgeons in NYC who specializes in placing chin implants and can help you achieve your goals with plastic surgery.

How to get started with chin implants?

Marc S. Zimbler, MD and his staff will be happy to discuss chin implants with you. Please call for a private consultation or schedule an appointment online at our office.

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